The power of independence

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Independence has been all over the news.

What with news of our Brexit, the ability of a body to control and shape its own destiny has never been more scrutinised.

The same applies to other areas of life, including business. Independence means the freedom to make the best decision without external factors playing a coercive or confounding role.

At Scotts Opticians, we pride ourselves on our independence. We are a practice run by locally employed members of the community and we know the people we interact with. We are not tied to certain suppliers and buying agents. We are not restricted to relationships with certain sections of the optical market.

The only thing we are tied to is our patients. Making sure we do the best job for you. A good job for you is a good job for us.

So we will try our very hardest if your requirements are a little more challenging. We will scour the market for the best prices to suit your budget. We will order frames in different colours if we do not have them in. We will not pressurise you to buy, though at the same time, we will use our expertise to explain what is available and make appropriate recommendations based on your requirements.

We have sourced and successfully delivered spectacles where others have not, due to our experience, expertise and understanding of complex needs.

We have been independent since 1980 and fiercely proud of being so. We are the only independent optician in Thetford and, if we may so, we are pretty good at what we do.