The importance of being Honest

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Trust is a big deal in today’s world. In life and in business.

Companies and their marketing teams seek to entice consumers towards their brand by promising that they will do what they say. That they can fulfil the insatiable desire to improve your life with their product/service. That they can be trusted.

And yet we know that large companies are there primarily to make a profit. To make money. To serve their shareholders. Their size and bureaucracy prevent many leaders from interacting regularly with their customers and caring passionately for what they actually do at the coal face. This creates distance and distrust for consumers, particularly amongst large faceless multinationals. But due to the power of branding and the economies of scale offered, large business does very well in a free market economy, and rightly so.

Smaller businesses – like ours – often struggle with the notion of trust. Yes we are a business: we have and want to make money, pay our employees well and pay our rent. Yet we want to do this in a particular way – by serving you, nobody else. Often the leaders of small businesses interact daily with their customers, driving forward their ethos, their product and their service with their own blood, sweat and tears, as well that of the loyal team around them.

At Scotts, we do not have the marketing budget that afford large scale advertising. Our reputation is our greatest asset. Our patients are our marketing team. If we do a good job, we want you to tell others. In spite of some marketing on Facebook, Google etc, we still receive the vast majority of our many new patients through personal recommendation. And not only are new patients important, but existing patients are moreso the lifeblood of our practice.

We want your loyalty more than anything. And this is where honesty comes in. In return for your loyalty, we will give you honesty. We offer your our expertise with no ulterior motive aside from your eye health. Our relationship with you is not based on immediate commercial gain. We do not just want the highest sale from you now, for you never to return. This is a false economy as a business and morally just does not sit right with us. So if you do not need new glasses, we won’t sell them to you. Although if you want new specs, please do get them from us (!) and we will navigate through all options with care and expertise and ensure we choose the best option together, at your budget.

We want you to stay with us for years, to trust us with any eye problems you may have, such that yes you buy your spectacles from us. In return we ensure you never have to worry about whether you have been sold something.

At Scotts, our ethos is always to be honest. Even if it means not taking a penny off you. For we believe in the long run, for us as a business and a group of human beings trying to earn a decent honest living, it is the right thing to do.