The Grudge Purchase

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WE all know that feeling. The classic grudge purchase. The eyes roll, the deep sigh, the reluctant extraction of the credit card so slowly it feels glued to your purse. You wish you could do without spending this money…but its a necessary evil.

Whether it be a washing machine, a car, your new teeth or even spectacles, a grudge purchase can be defined as a purchase you feel you ‘have’ to do. Now naturally some purchases may be difficult due to our financial situation. By definition, everything then becomes a grudge purchase, including the necessities.

But what about the selective purchases we wished we could do without. Are spectacles a grudge purchase?

For some, the answer is yes. How can a few bits of plastic on my nose cost a few hundred pounds?

One answer is that, firstly, the payment is not simply for the product itself. One pays not only for the plastic, but the workmanship that goes into the spectacles. The design, the technology, the research and the labour involved, all take time, effort and contribute to correcting and providing you with clear vision. The precision involved in producing spectacles is so fine that even an inaccuracy of a mm on a lens can create a huge difference in the end power provided. Spectacles are precise optical appliances (as are contact lenses) and they must be considered with a very high degree of accuracy.

Secondly, however, is the question of value. What price do you put on clear vision? The simple way to test this is to remove your spectacles and go without them for a period of time. The sooner you miss and reach for them, the higher their value to you. It is a simple test and one that will render different responses for each of you that tests it out.

Spectacles may always remain a grudge purchase for some. But for most of us, the most commonly worn object we have requires careful selection and is worthy of its investment in both time and money.