As one of the first practices in the region with an OCT, we have many years of experience in using this technology for our patients

The images an OCT camera produces are up to 25 times higher in resolution than any other retinal camera. This allows us see the back of your eye, as well as take a cross sectional image of your retina in great detail.

Many practices are now investing into Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology, several years after we invested into this game-changing piece of technology. As an early adopter of OCT, we have built up a huge understanding and experience of the equipment.

An OCT scan uses sophisticated technology to take a series of pictures with a quick and simple scan of your eye. The machine then compiles these pictures into a 3D image identifying the distinctive layers within the eyes. This is then analysed by our experienced optometrists to identify any abnormalities or areas that might require further examination. The scan is particularly useful at identifying macular lesions (macular degeneration) or glaucoma at an early stage.

A regular OCT scan is essential, as when it comes to your ocular health, you'll have further reassurance that your eyes are well. The degree of clarity the camera produces allows us to identify potential problems before they can even cause you a problem.

As the machine is not covered by the NHS, there is a charge levied by all practices offering it. In our practice, the optometrist performs the scan and will discuss the results with you in person there and then.

If you would like more information about an OCT, or to book your next eye examination with Scotts Opticians, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us today by calling 01842 764831.

OCT Scan

The scan itself takes approximately 12 minutes. There is a charge levied for the scan, as it is not covered by the NHS.