We partner with the world’s most innovative lens manufacturers to ensure your vision is crystal clear

What are the best lenses for me?

At Scotts Opticians, we partner with Carl Zeiss and Essilor, two of the world’s leading lens manufacturers, to ensure that the lenses we supply are of a premium quality and rigorously tested prior to reaching you in your new frames. We are now able to conduct our measurement process using the iTerminal mobile, a Zeiss device, enabling absolute precision in our lenses without needing to take invasive measurements.

Here are a selection of lenses by Zeiss, the company responsible for so many of the lenses we see, from the cameras in our mobile phones all the way to the moon landing in 1969!

Our Partners

From the development of the first ever Varifocal lenses (Varilux), Essilor and Zeiss have always been a step ahead of their competitors in lens design and visual comfort.

In addition, we partner with these companies to offer a 30-day varifocal trial guarantee on our lenses. This allows you to try varifocal lenses without taking on the financial risk of getting on with them (which, thankfully, occurs to only a small percentage of wearers)

This is why we have chosen to partner with these lens manufacturers - to reinforce our commitment to quality and the best product. Rest assured, this does not mean our lenses are uncompetitive on price. On the contrary, we regularly offer promotions on these lenses to give you real value for money.

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