Contact Lenses

Do you lead an active lifestyle, or do you find yourself getting frustrated with your glasses? If so, contact lenses offer a comfortable, clear and relatively inexpensive solution from the constraints of spectacles.

As an independent practice, we offer access to all manufacturers and makes of contact lenses, whether they be daily, monthly, toric, gas permeable or silicone hydrogel. Whether you are unable to obtain satisfactory results with your current optician, or you are just curious about trying them out, we can access the whole of the market and suggest options that we believe would be suitable.

If you are somebody put off by previous bad experiences or myths you may have heard about contact lenses, let us reassure you that with recent advancements in lens technology, there are very few people that are unable to wear contact lenses nowadays, regardless of age.

The Benefits of our Contact Lens Scheme

Purchasing contact lenses through us regularly also allows you to take advantage of our fantastic scheme benefits, including:

  • Free contact lens emergency checks
  • Free annual contact lens check ups
  • Home delivery if required

There are three general myths Mr Patel would like to address below:

Contact lenses are painless to wear and many people say that they feel, at worst, like an eyelash when they are first inserted. With the right technique and proper training – which my team will provide – everybody will be able to easily put their lenses in and out.

Try the following to get some idea of the insertion process of a contact lens. Make sure your hands are clean first and then (while looking into a mirror) look into your nose and then gently touch the white part of your eye with your first finger. Initially the eye may close as we have a very strong protective blink reflex. With time and practice, this becomes easier.

This statement is completely incorrect. Contact lenses are simply like spectacles. They make our vision clearer and do not have an impact on whether your prescription is going to get better or worse.

The vast majority of people can benefit from wearing contact lenses. There have recently been dramatic advances in lens technology, which means even people with high astigmatism who previously struggled to find effective lenses, can now wear contact lenses without any problems.
If you make the change to contact lenses, just like when you wear spectacles, it’s important to have contact lens checks with your optician annually. This is just to check that your eyesight has not changed and that the lenses you have been prescribed are still suitable for your eyes.

Even if you purchase your lenses on the internet, it is still vital you have an aftercare conducted. At Scotts, we do not charge you for aftercare appointments if you buy your lenses from us regularly.

Our prices are competitive and we even offer a home delivery service. However, if you are somebody who does not wish to be tied into direct debit schemes, we also offer a pay as you go service. You simply call us up when you need more lenses and we order them in for you. Simple!

If you would like more information about contact lenses, or to book in for a contact lens fitting, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us today by calling 01842 764831 or use our online booking form. All contact lens fittings must have an eye examination prescription not more than a year old.

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