Contact Lenses

Do you lead an active lifestyle, or do you find yourself getting frustrated with your glasses? If so, contact lenses offer a comfortable, clear and relatively inexpensive solution from the constraints of spectacles.

As an independent practice, we offer access to all manufacturers and makes of contact lenses, whether they be daily, monthly, toric, gas permeable or silicone hydrogel. Whether you are unable to obtain satisfactory results with your current optician, or you are just curious about trying them out, we can access the whole of the market and suggest options that we believe would be suitable.

If you are somebody put off by previous bad experiences or myths you may have heard about contact lenses, let us reassure you that with recent advancements in lens technology, there are very few people that are unable to wear contact lenses nowadays, regardless of age.

The Benefits of our Contact Lens Scheme

Purchasing contact lenses through us regularly also allows you to take advantage of our fantastic scheme benefits, including:

  • Free contact lens emergency checks
  • Free annual contact lens check ups
  • Home delivery if required

There are three general myths Mr Patel would like to address below:

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